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spring is here in seattle and it has been sunny and wet. this is my first post on my first ever blog, so bear with me as we settle in & i figure this medium out.

i would like this blog to be focused around my projects, be it art, music, or whatever. just what ever i happen to be working on — little updates, accomplishments, set backs, thoughts, dreams, & so on. a loose & ongoing project diary if you will.
hopefully it will be interesting!

so in that spirit, i would like to share that most recently i have completed a very fun & lovely project for my friend jade. they asked me to complete 3-4 large drawing of flowers on massive 3′ wide rolls of colored paper they had been collecting, for a background in the video they are shooting for their band, 129,600.
i immediately had The Flower in mind — the one i had doodled all over my day sheets over the summer, long and bendy, elegant and ragged. i wanted to feel out how the pieces should look, so i had some fun experimenting with the big paper and wide brushes dipped in sumi ink. i got some pieces i enjoyed out of my experiments, including the one pictured above. below is a pic i snapped of two of the finished pieces. the thrill & rush of the line, made quickly with no plan, was what i was after really.

also took on a commission for a poster commemorating my friend janet’s first show & last day in Maine. might draw some lobsters, and lighthouses, and moose? also imagining portraits of Janet & Bryan playing together for some reason… still dreaming at it.

well, that’s all so far! some daily practices i’ve been trying to get into have been painting (acrylic & at my kitchen table), as well as my modular synth music. i have some vague ideas of how to go about ‘composing’ with my limited rig ~ dreaming of dub radio remixes and transexual seventies parties.



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